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Mabou Highlands Loop

The Mabou Highlands, once the home of many industrious Scottish immigrants, now lie mostly deserted, save for only a few cottages. The former roads connecting their farms have become a network of challenging and exciting trails, courtesy of the Cape Mabou Trail Club. In 1998, twelve different trails totalling more than 30 km (18.75 mi) of maintained paths were available.

Mabou Rail Trail

This is one of the most attractive inland sections of abandoned rail line in Nova Scotia. The view of the Mabou Highlands from the Southwest Mabou River is stunning, and the stretch alongside the Mabou River to Glendyer Station is a paradise for birders.


The information on this page is from the book "Hiking Trails of Cape Breton" by Michael Haynes and used with permission. This fascinating and extremely useful book is available for sale at the Mabou River Inn.

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